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Case Study

NFT 2ac & NFT 3ac

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Grand Panama Beach Resort hired Networx Solutions, a networking services provider in North America, to redesign its Wi-Fi network. The resort used it for providing Internet access to its guests and residents, but it became underpowered.


The Wi-Fi network, extending over ~300 condos, had to be set up extremely fast and APs were expected to connect 4–20 end devices at once, so Networx Solutions had to look for cost-efficient hardware and software in order to keep costs low.


The network was built using LigoWave’s NFT series. A total of 297 NFT access points was deployed throughout the resort. Many of them were NFT 2ac models with a handful of NFT 3ac APs installed in locations that needed more power (e.g. penthouses).


This solution not only avoided potential bad reviews and lost clientele for Grand Panama Beach Resort, but also surprised with how fast the network was deployed and how effectively it works now. Since virtually every condo now had its own dedicated NFT AP, this effectively solved issues caused by the building’s walls and ensured excellent connectivity.
Have similar projects on your hands?
Have similar projects on your hands?
Let's Talk!

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