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Case Study

LigoDLB 6ac

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One of LigoWave’s clients in Russia has set up a 3.11km PTP link using LigoDLB 6ac devices. Each had a 28dBi Cyberbajt DishEter external dish antenna. Approx. 1km of the established link was over water. Radio transmit power was set to 20dBm.


LigoDLB 6ac is a wireless 6GHz PTP/PTMP device with external antenna support made for outdoor video surveillance & last-mile applications. It has a 750MHz QCA 9563 CPU & a 30dBm QCA 9882 radio, offering up to 256-QAM modulations, QoS prioritization & the iPoll 3 protocol.


Performance was optimal over all channel widths: 130/135, 280/300 & 420/460Mbps (TCP/UDP) over 20, 40 & 80MHz respectively. The packet-per-second rate peaked at 90,000 with signal levels at –45dBm. The link used the iPoll 3 proprietary protocol.


Test results show that the 6GHz band is an ideal alternative to the often overcrowded 5GHz. Not only does it provide the needed conditions for good signal levels and great performance, but it also allows networks to operate at lower Tx parameters, this way reducing self-interference among sites. Besides that, low noise levels also mean longer potential link distance.
Have similar projects on your hands?
Have similar projects on your hands?
Let's Talk!

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