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Case Study

LigoDLB 5-15n

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M2 Real Estate, the biggest real estate developer in Georgia, have recently built a business center with office spaces & residential units. It is located in Vake, a green & elegant neighborhood in South-West Tbilisi, Georgia.


The car & passenger elevator shafts needed video streaming infrastructure that is easy to install & maintain, fits into the shaft, does not disrupt elevator operation, supports 1080p at 30FPS with zero lag, & is resistant to lightning strikes.


GLM chose LigoDLB 5-15n as it best fit the client’s needs & scenario: it’s easy to deploy, small, yet powerful, supports dynamic links & comes with integrated surge protection—an all-around solution for elevator surveillance.


5-15n ensured uninterrupted video surveillance with its 170+Mbps hardware platform, proprietary protocols that stabilize jitter & reduce latency, & ATPC functionality for ensuring link stability when the elevator is moving. The built-in OS & Infinity Controller allowed for remote management & minimized maintenance costs, while the integrated surge protection (2kV line-to-line and 4kV line-to-ground) guaranteed extra resilience against lightning strikes and other power surges.
Have similar projects on your hands?
Have similar projects on your hands?
Let's Talk!

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