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Case Study

LigoDLB 5 & 6GHz

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A WISP in Russia had a 5GHz PTMP network running as a last-mile solution. It used 1× LigoDLB 5 access point (+ external sector antenna) and 28× LigoDLB 5-15 and 5-20 CPE. It provided internet access to 28 clients in a remote village. Link distances averaged at 2km.


The 5GHz band became very noisy over the years. A cleaner spectrum was necessary in order to avoid poor link quality and slow internet speeds. Besides that, more network capacity was needed because of the WISP’s growing client base.


All devices were set to the less-crowded 6.090GHz frequency (20MHz channel) and the network was modified for better performance: the 802.11n LigoDLB 5 AP was replaced by 11ac-based LigoDLB 6-90ac and 7× LigoDLB 6-15ac CPE were added. The WISP did not replace the LigoDLB CPE as all LigoWave 5GHz devices can work over frequencies up to 6.1GHz.


The shift from 5GHz to 6GHz and from 11n to 11ac-based devices allowed more CPE to be connected without compromise to AP traffic, which also increased from 35 to 60Mbps (average). An overlap of supported device frequencies and DLB intercompatibility allowed the customer to set up a mixed 5/6GHz network. This saved them time and money on infrastructure and device setup.
Have similar projects on your hands?
Have similar projects on your hands?
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