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Case Study

LigoBASE & LigoSU

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China National Petroleum Corporation is one of the world’s largest oil & gas suppliers. Constant investment in research & development with a strong focus on quality assurance led this company to fully & efficiently manage its resources. The next step in this was to ensure on-premises security with video surveillance solutions that address the company’s technical & environmental challenges.


China Petroleum needed a full 1080p video surveillance infrastructure solution that would be physically durable against harsh weather conditions & industrial area factors, would ensure reliable low-latency connectivity in a noisy spectrum (caused by other devices), & would provide extended coverage to connect vast oil extraction fields.


LigoBASE 5-90 & LigoSU 5-20/5-23 devices were deployed as they came equipped with IP67-rated protection against the elements, the W-Jet proprietary protocol to lower latency & jitter & hardware delivering over 13km of coverage. Each LigoSU subscriber unit was connected to an HD surveillance camera, amounting to a bit over 10 links with distances ranging from 2 to 4 kilometers.


Despite close-cluster interference, signal levels ranged from –51dBm to –77dBm, providing link quality suitable for smooth video steaming. LigoPTMP GUI stats showed that the 10+ links totaled to an average 34Mbps throughput over a 20MHz channel without any latency or disconnections.
Have similar projects on your hands?
Have similar projects on your hands?
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