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Case Study

RapidFire 5-23 Link Test in Taiwan

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Chung-Hwa Telecom (CHT) is Taiwan’s leading telecommunications company. Since Taiwan is a predominantly mountainous island, it poses many challenges to building networks & providing high-speed connectivity in the hard-to-reach rural locations of the country, where a sizeable number of people live.


Taiwan’s mountains make it difficult to implement traditional wired networks. Since CHT’s current project was to build a backhaul link over a deep valley in the Smangus of the Hsinchu Country, they needed a practical & efficient solution that would not affect the surrounding environment & which would not compromise overall network stability or performance.


Due to the geographic situation of the area, fiber-optic solutions were not an option. So, CHT chose to build a wireless backhaul link based on LigoPTP RapidFire 5-23 bridges. The link would be used to deliver IPTV as part of CHT’s multimedia-on-demand service.


The RapidFire devices were deployed 2.3 kilometers apart with each bridge located at an altitude of ~1,600 meters. The 5GHz link allowed for throughputs averaging at 550Mbps over an 80MHz channel—ideal for delivering cost-effective & reliable multimedia on demand services. Local station signal levels reached –54/–56dBm, while the remote station signal performed at –59/–60dBm.
Have similar projects on your hands?
Have similar projects on your hands?
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