Devices that are missing the reset button and devices with a reset button that is only accessible by disassembling the housing require an external process for easy reset to default factory settings—the ping reset method.

The discovery daemon is launched during device startup—once the Ethernet interface drivers are loaded. The daemon suspends the startup process for 3 seconds and waits for the ICMP echo request packet of 369 bytes. If the packet is received, the discovery daemon resets the device to its default configuration.

It is recommended to use a simple switch (without routing) because Windows clears the static ARP entry and loses connection with the device during device reboot.

For Linux users, follow these steps in order to reset to the device to its default settings:

Step 1. Turn the device off.

Step 2. Obtain the device’s MAC address.

Step 3. Connect a PC to the same physical subnet as the device.

Note: it is usually easier to use a switch between the radio and the computer.

Step 4. Execute the arp -s command to assign the IP address (the IP address should be from the same subnet as the PC) to the device’s MAC address:

arp -s <IP address to assign> <device MAC address>

Step 5. Start pinging the device:

ping <IP address> -s 369

For Windows users:

ping <IP address> -l 369 -t -w 200

Step 6. Power up the device and wait for about 1 minute or more (depending on the device hardware).

Step 7. Stop pinging the device and let it boot up as usual. The device should boot with its default settings.