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The New
LigoVision 5-15ac
Designed For Surveillance

The LigoVision Series—an extension of the time-tested LigoDLB line of wireless data transfer devices - empowers users to deliver superb connectivity over 5GHz frequencies. LigoVision 5-15ac incorporates a second Ethernet port with software enabled PoE, dedicated for powering an external device at -48 VDC, such as 802.3af PoE CCTV camera or any other LigoWave device.

LigoVision 5-15ac

5GHz Outdoor Wireless Device With 2nd Ethernet Port

Equipped with a 750MHz QCA 9563 CPU, a QCA 9882 radio, and 64MB RAM/16MB Flash Memory, the LigoVision 5-15ac brings efficiency to the next level.

The state-of-the-art RF design with an integrated 15dBi antenna delivers great output power, improves range, and enables high-capacity transmission over 256-QAM.

+500Mbps of throughput—the result of a powerful hardware platform with an 802.11ac technology-based radio and the LigoWave iPoll 3 Proprietary Protocol.

LigoVision is Designed For

Internet Access

Video Surveillance

Rural Connectivity

Infinity Controller

The Infinity Controller is a wireless network management platform available for the NFT series, LigoDLB series and LigoPTMP series (monitoring only). The controller allows users to install, manage, and expand NFT Wi-Fi networks and DLB networks using automated device onboarding, predefined network scenarios, and other features. The Infinity Controller for the DLB and PTP series allows users to simplify the way they build, expand, and maintain their wireless networks.

LigoWave OS

The intuitive OS provides a setup wizard and a iPoll3 proprietary protocol, making link setup easy and straight forward. It includes the essentials such as the Spectrum Analyzer and the Site Survey tools.


Setup Wizard

Guides the installer through the important steps of the setup process.


Live Stream Discovery Tool

Enables the installer to remotely access live CCTV video streams directly using a smartphone or laptop.


Spectrum analyzer

Guides the installer through the important steps of the setup process.


2nd ETH Port with PoE Out

Equipped with two Gigabit Ethernet ports, one with PoE pass-through (up to 15W). The unit is ideal for security video surveillance. installations.


The Link Calculator

Enables the installer to measure network throughput and link quality without additional equipment.


2.4GHz Management Radio

The internal 2.4GHz radio allows users to set up and manage the LigoVision 5-15ac wireless device using a smartphone or tablet.

Integrated Surge Protection

3kV line-to-ground and 1kV line-to-line protection allows operation und harsh weather conditions and unstable electrical installations.


500+ Mbps capacity
High power (30 dBm) radio
Proprietary protocol (iPoll)
Zero loss design
Integrated surge protection
Integrated 15dBi antenna

Distance recommendations (max):
PTMP Mode: 3km
PTP mode: 5km

1 x 1000 Base-T (passive PoE 24V)
1 x 1000 Base-T (active PoE 24V, 15W)

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