LigoPTMP 7.55版本中的变化
v7.55 (LigoPTMP)
  1. Added multicast echo control on Master
  2. Added smart channel width on Slave
  3. Improved Slave devices upgrade mechanism
  4. Slave statistics now are saved after reboot


  1. Fixed 10s delay on GUI when changing transmit power
  2. Fixed password validation
v7.3 (LigoPTMP)



  1. Added Configuration test, discard and save & apply buttons
  2. Added Password change
  3. Added Reboot device via UI
  4. Added Backup/Restore device configuration
  5. Added Reset to factory defaults via UI
  6. Added Troubleshooting file generation
  7. Added SFTP support
  8. Added Firmware upgrade
  9. Added System log
  10. Added Firmware upgrade checking
  11. Added “Dual-Boot” mode
  12. Added “Recovery” mode
  13. Added Device settings Friendly name, Device location, Device coordinates, Contact information, Height above ground level
  14. Added Product File upgrade via firmware upgrade
  15. Added Jumbo frame support
  16. Added Linktest tool
  17. Added serial console access via Wi-Fi and web terminal on BS
  18. Added LEDs functionality: reset to defaults, firmware upgrade, booting, active management radio
  19. Added QOS functionality (Strict and WRR)
  20. Added Remote device Firmware upgrade option
  21. Added Configuration wizard
  22. Added Remote device configuration functionality
  23. Added LEDs control via GUI
  24. Added Ethernet ports configuration
  25. Added STP control
  26. Added Radars scanning indication CAC
  27. Added Traffic limitation option
  28. Added in Maintenance Dual boot images selection
  29. Added option to generate configuration file for Slave device and for whole network
  30. Added spectrum analyzer
  31. Added option to disable reset button
  32. Added SNMP support in GUI
  33. Added in Maintenance firmware upgrade, configuration backup and restore, reboot, reset to defaults options
  34. Added Syslog and Troubleshooting file support
  35. Added Site Survey
  36. Added Disable broadcast link ID option
  37. Added Antenna alignment
  38. Added in Settings NTP client
  39. Added in Settings system security options
  40. Added in Settings system characterization options
  41. Added in Setting system advanced settings: ETH2 port control, PoE on ETH2 port control, Public status page
  42. Added in Services WNMS agent options
  43. Added in Services Wireless management interface options
  44. Added in Services Management options: SSH, HTTP server control
  45. Added in statistics Signal level graph
  46. Added in statistics Instant traffic throughput and PPS graphs
  47. Added in statistics Wireless clients table
  48. Added in Status statistics Radio and Ethernet MAC representation
  49. Added in Status statistics Radio peer MAC representation
  50. Added in Status statistics ETH1, ETH2, Wireless TX/RX data bytes counters
  51. Added in Status statistics ETH1, ETH2, Wireless TX/RX error counters
  52. Added in Status statistics Wireless TX/RX frames counters
  53. Added device discovery option in core
  54. Added in status information Network settings
  55. Added in status information Wireless signal level in dBm
  56. Added in status information Link ID, Frequency, Channel width, Device, link uptime, distance, tx power, tx/rx data rate, noise level, signal local and remote level
  57. Added in status information Product model, name, serial number, FW version, uptime, friendly name, device location, Channel width
  58. Added in status information Latitude/Longitude, Height, Operating mode, Noise level, TX power, MAX TX data rate, Antenna Gain
  59. Added Link quality display in GUI
  60. Added in status Ethernet networks state and speed
  61. Added multiple countries support in product file
  62. Added System date and time configuration
  63. Added Wireless connection status
  64. Added IPv6 support
  65. Added IPv4 support
  66. Added Management VLAN
  67. Added IP fallback settings on DHCP client
  68. Added Radio/Link security phrase generation
  69. Added Encryption WPA2/AES
  70. Added Regulatory DB support
  71. Added set SSID
  72. Added search SSID function
  73. Added Status page public access
  74. Added auto data rate
  75. Added Log in page and language selection
  76. Added 5/10/20/40/80 MHz wireless channel width support
  77. Added SISO/MIMO mode in core
  78. Added AMSDU in core
  79. Added WMM in core
  80. Added Fragmentation parameter in core
  81. Added CT country code
  82. Added “Operational Country” support
  83. Added DFS control
  84. Added Auto channel
  85. Added Master mode
  86. Added Slave mode
  87. Added support for “Reset button” reset to factory defaults
  88. Added User Agreement