LigoVision wireless Innovation Resolves Network Issues at Kansas City Data Center, USA

Convergint Technologies encountered network malfunctions at a data center’s vehicle gate due to a shorted Cat6 cable and complex conduit issues. Implementing LigoVision wireless devices provided a quick, cost-effective solution, restoring reliable security connectivity.

Issue: Cat6 Cable Short Causes Network Malfunctions

Convergint Technologies discovered a short in one of the Cat6 cables at a data center’s vehicle gate entrance, leading to malfunctions in other network devices. The conduit setup, with its length, absence of pull boxes, and multiple 90-degree bends, raised concerns about further damaging existing cables during the replacement process.

Solution: LigoVision Wireless Devices Restore Connectivity

Convergint implemented LigoVision wireless data transfer devices, utilizing existing power and installing a POE network switch within a NEMA enclosure. This wireless setup established a robust connection between the gate and the building, successfully bringing all network devices online and ensuring proper security at the vehicle gate.

Setup: Implementing a Wireless Solution to Restore Network Connectivity

To address the network malfunctions caused by the shorted Cat6 cable, Convergint Technologies implemented a LigoVision wireless data transfer solution. They utilized the existing power at the vehicle gate to install a POE network switch within a NEMA enclosure. The malfunctioning network devices were rerouted to this switch. A LigoVision unit was then mounted on a camera pole to establish a wireless connection to the switch, with a corresponding receiving unit installed on the building and connected to the network. Positioned 350 feet apart with a clear line of sight, the LigoVision units provided a robust and secure wireless signal, effectively restoring the network and ensuring reliable security at the gate.





Convergint Technologies

LigoVision 5-15

Performance Results

The LigoVision wireless setup successfully transmitted 28.99 GB of data and received 568 GB, handling 871 million transmitted packets and 1.2 billion received packets, demonstrating robust and efficient network performance.
The LigoVision wireless setup maintained a strong signal level of -50 dBm and achieved a stable link uptime of 10 days and 7 hours.

In Conclusion

The implementation of LigoVision wireless data transfer devices by Convergint Technologies provided a swift and cost-effective solution to the network malfunctions at the data center’s vehicle gate. The robust and secure wireless setup successfully restored connectivity, ensuring proper security and generating significant cost savings. The customer was extremely pleased with the reliable performance of the LigoVision units, prompting interest in further applications of this technology.