Case Study: +1500 units of DLB ECHO 5D

GRUPO ICE | Costa Rica

GRUPO ICE is one of the most prestigious Companies in the telecommunications segment in Costa Rica. GRUPO ICE has been a pillar of communication services in the country for decades. Through their Kolby brand, they have offered Triple Play services (Voice, Video and Data) to a large percentage of the Costa Rican population, positioning themselves as leaders in the market. However, in a country with such a diverse and challenging geography, ensuring optimal connectivity across the region is a monumental task.

Kolby aspired to expand its internet access to remote sites, including forest parks and SINAC-protected areas where connectivity was not only essential for navigation, but also required for the safety and communication for many tourists. In regions such as Guanacaste, the mountainous topography prevented the arrival of fiber optics, leaving businesses such as luxury hotels without the ability to offer high-quality internet services to their guests.

After evaluating multiple manufacturer brands and solutions, GRUPO ICE found in LigoWave the answer to all its challenges. With the implementation of more than 1500 units of DLB ECHO-5D devices, Grupo ICE achieved an unprecedented digital transformation in Costa Rica, connecting remote areas, government offices, and luxury hotels.

Why LigoWave? Three key factors:
1. Superior Range: LigoWave’s DLB ECHO 5D proved to have an exceptional range, capable of overcoming geographical barriers that other manufacturers could not, as well as being the most effective solution to provide redundant access to fiber optic links.
2. Advanced Technology: LigoWave not only offered stable connectivity, but advanced technology for multicast, essential for efficient data transmission over large areas.

3. Value: Despite its cutting-edge technology, LigoWave offered a competitive solution in terms of costs, maximizing the return on investment for GRUPO ICE and above all, a high-quality performance and safe services for its thousands of users.

With LigoWave, GRUPO ICE was able to overcome all geographical and connectivity challenges, allowing them to reach places where no other service provider has been able to reach.
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