Case Study: Lock-it-Up Self Storage

Lock-It-Up self-storage needed to upgrade their security system with modern IP cameras but lacked conduit to run cables and space for equipment. However, LigoWave’s equipment has solved the issue.

Issue: Lack of conduit infrastructure

Lock-It-Up self-storage, with 19 locations, wanted to upgrade their security system to modern IP cameras to increase visibility and provide added safety for their customers. However, the lack of conduit and limited space for equipment posed a challenge for implementing an IP camera system. GUT Consulting proposed a wireless solution using LigoWave equipment.

Solution: LigoWave Wireless Infrastructure

The solution involved using an access point at the main building and basic wireless stations on each remote building and light pole. Outdoor enclosures were used to hold the POE injectors and switches for the connection from each building. This solution not only addressed the limitations of the physical infrastructure but also provided the flexibility to expand the system in the future.

Our first few locations we setup using non LigoWave equipment. However we had a lot of interference from other area businesses. Between this and availability we did some research and found the LigoWave. After testing the LigoWave AP’s and stations, we found the interference was minimal, the connection quality, and reliability were great. We also found the configuration and management of the interface to be easy to use, with just as many features as the competitors

Gut Consulting




GUT Consulting


LigoDLB 5-90ac; LigoDLB 5-15ac; LigoDLB 5-20ac;

Performance Results

Real-time reports show that the internet connection is stable and without any drops averaging 13Mbps throughput, while the signal level stays stable at -50dBm.

Signal levels range from –42dBm to –58dBm, averaging at –50dBm. The network manages to keep stable signal level for 16 days in a row.

In Conclusion

The new system provided enhanced security and remote access for managers and the corporate office, ensuring that they could monitor the premises at all times. The wireless solution also enabled the system to be deployed quickly and efficiently without the need for extensive construction or costly upgrades. Lock-It-Up self-storage was pleased with the solution proposed by GUT Consulting and the equipment provided by LigoWave. The new system has provided greater peace of mind for both Lock-It-Up and its customers, and has helped to deter potential theft and vandalism