Wireless Solutions for Caravan Parks

Europe’s short-stay accommodation markets have been showing steady growth in the last decade. Just in 2016, there were over 28,000 camping grounds, caravan (RV for our American readers) and trailer parks in the EU, over 80% of which were spread across France, the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, and Sweden.

In addition to that, even though caravan high season lasts up to 6 months per year—usually from May to October— caravan parks saw a consistent ow of travelers all year around. Some caravan rentals even claimed that there was yet another mini-high season during December holidays.

This leads many experts to believe that now is the perfect time to kick of wireless projects in caravan parks. After all, they must be ready to provide services to travelers regardless of capacity or time of year. This includes everything from AC power, drinking water, and sewer connections to restrooms, showers, and, in most cases, high-speed Wi-Fi.

LigoWave specializes in end-to-end wireless connectivity solutions designed for applications that are often implemented in caravan parks and other short-stay accommodations. Our hardware and software are t for various caravan park applications, including