Wireless Outdoor Solutions for Business Surveillance

Whether the project involves a storage complex, a hotel resort, or any other business, the best way of monitoring operations, managing workflows, and ensuring security—all at the same time—is video surveillance.

LigoWave offers a wide array of wireless outdoor solutions for your business surveillance. Start building strong, reliable, and secure surveillance infrastructure with LigoWave now!

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LigoWave Designed for Business

Wireless video surveillance allows for activity monitoring, operations management, and security enhancement and is often one of the first things companies invest in.

private sector surveillance

IP surveillance cameras are installed around the resort—the beach, tennis courts, etc. Each camera sends video footage to the wireless client device (CPE) over a cable connection.

The client device forwards the footage over a wireless link to a base station mounted on the roof of the hotel building. It collects the data from all CPE simultaneously.

The base station sends the received data further over a wired connection to a switch, which routes the data to a network video recorder (NVR) for storage and later review (e.g. in case of an accident).

Businesses that need a live feed of what’s happening on their premises can use the same network topology, except with an addition of a dedicated computer setup for storage and instant preview.

LigoWave’s Wireless Outdoor Solutions for Business Surveillance

Technical Highlights

LigoWave offers specialized wireless data transfer equipment with features focusing on dynamic link upkeep, efficient video transfer, and improved data security.

Dynamic Power Control

Automatic transmit power control to guarantee link operation & stability upon changes in distance.

Enhanced Performance

Equipped with a high-performance hardware platform delivering 500+Mbps of throughput.

High Link Capacity

Made for capacity-demanding surveillance scenarios, boasting up to 16 concurrent links per base station.


A proprietary protocol ensuring seamless video streaming with minimized latency & stabilized jitter.

Multiple Data Streams

Concurrent HD video, VoIP, & general data streams for surveillance, communication & internet access.

Quality of Service

Data prioritization mechanisms for ensuring seamless HD video surveillance streams.

Smart & Flexible

A compact solution with a powerful small form factor & simplified universal mounting.

Advanced Security

Management frame protection & AES-128 encryption to secure surveillance operations & data.

IP Multicast

Video surveillance stream casting to a group of specific recipients, e.g. several surveillance rooms.

Benefits to Surveillance Systems Integrators and Providers


Get optimum price-to-performance & fast return on investment.

LinkCalc Planner

Plan wireless surveillance networks without going onsite.

Simplified Deployment

Intuitive GUI, installation tools, innovative mounting, & PoE.

Centralized Management

Remote management & troubleshooting.

Device Production

Own manufacturing facility, ensuring <1% failure rates & 2-year warranty.

Universal Design

Made for more than just surveillance: easy to repurpose & multipurpose.

Need to build a surveillance network for keeping an eye on things?
Why not do it using LigoWave wireless outdoor solutions for business surveillance!

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