Advanced LigoWave training in Shenzhen

Last month the advanced LigoWave training course was held in Shenzhen, China. In case you were wondering if this training course was any different from our regular training events, we can answer you by telling more about it.

The training event attracted the participants from China, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia and other countries in the region.

The demand of the advanced LigoWave training event was identified with the help of our sales team in Asia.

Before the advanced training event the pre – training was held. It was dedicated for those, who wanted to receive the general overview about the LigoWave products and practice with configuring the LigoDLB devices.

All those who attended the advanced training event, became the certified LigoWave experts after passing the exam.

The participants of the advanced LigoWave training in Shenzhen received an in – depth knowledge about:

  • Infinity controller and its features
  • Proximity functionality
  • Hotspot (UAM) solutions on LigoWave devices
  • Repeater scenario usage
  • Third party management solutions for the LigoWave products
  • Advanced debugging and troubleshooting
  • Open source software porting possibilities on LigoWave devices

If you want to participate at future LigoWave training courses, check the events section on our website.