LigoWave at Bricomp Solutions day in Malaysia

LigoWave was invited to participate in a showcase event with Bricomp Technologies Sdn Bhd in Malaysia. Bricomp Technologies are the experts in offering an end solution tailored for the public security market segment. 200 people attended the showcase organized by LigoWave‘s partner in Malaysia including the consultants, system integrators, public safety solution providers and end users in the security market segment

LigoWave wireless equipment was used to provide a PTP backhaul for live video streaming of 3 cameras from Bricomp office to hotel conference hall. A 519 m link was set up between Bricomp office and the Sheraton Hotel Puchong, where the showcase was held. (Non Line of Sight).

LigoPTP 5 – 23 PRO was used in order to avoid the NLOS connecting the Bricomp office and the Hotel, where the conference was held. LigoDLB 5 – 90 was selected as a base station and LigoDLB 5-20 were chosen as the CPEs connecting the CCTV in the conference area.

Bricomp to Hotel

Site map

The conference participants had a possibility to log into Bricomp’s mobile app for controlling and viewing so that they could see the images from the CCTV’s at Bricomp office 519 meters away directly from the conference room at the hotel.


LigoWave showcase at Britcomp Solutions day


LigoDLB 5 – 20 with a CCTV camera