Why chose wireless in a video surveillance network?



Maximum security with LigoWave

LigoWave’s wireless devices are ideal for video surveillance and security applications. They are packed with a rich feature-set to ensure fast and reliable data transmission. Easy setup allows quick wireless infrastructure deployment for video surveillance,
traffic control or speed monitoring networks. Low total cost of ownership allows critical funds to be used for network expansion.


Our solution


A wirelessly connected video surveillance network allows
mounting video cameras anywhere in order to achieve
maximum security coverage. A wide range of PtP and PtMP
(LigoPTP and LigoDLB series) models are available to meet
the network requirements and topology.


LigoDLB and LigoPTP series devices use LigoWave’s
proprietary protocols (iPoll and W-Jet) for communication,
which helps to achieve good performance in noisy
environments and allows high capacity (up to 700 Mbps*) links
to be possible. QoS (quality of service) allows prioritizing mission
critical data to deliver smooth display of video and ensures
that lower priority traffic has no negative impact
on the transmission.

*LigoPTP RapidFire model


From the enclosure to the electronics LigoWave’s wireless
equipment is built to operate in an outdoor environment and
survive harsh weather conditions. IP standards rated
enclosures, integrated IEC standards compliant surge
protection and professional mounting systems make the
devices ideal for the outdoor deployments in any climate zone.


Competitive pricing minimizes the total cost of ownership
when building private or governmental networks and speeds
up the return on investment.

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