NFT Devices at G-20 Antalya Summit


The 2015 G-20 Antalya summit was the tenth annual meeting of the G-20 heads of government. World leaders gathered here to discuss the most important political issues and security crises.  It was held in Antalya, a southwestern city of Turkey on 15–16 November 2015. The event was held at Regnum Carya Hotel Convention Centre.

LigoWave devices deployed outside and inside the facilities

LigoWave distributor in Turkey MHZ had an opportunity to work on Wi – Fi infrastructure for the event.

In the beginning Cisco devices were deployed in all the halls and NFT devices were deployed for the backup. However due to the inaccurate installation CISCO devices have not performed as expected, therefore it was decided to use LigoWave devices instead.

Location Facilities

  • Hotel, – Regnum Carya Hotel
  • 5 different conference halls
  • Devices, – NFT 2N

On a first day of the event it was decided to use the existing hotel Wi – Fi infrastructure based on Cisco APs and LigoWave NFT APs in parallel (location I/II), also to add more of Cisco APs, assuming that more APs will improve the coverage. Unfortunately, during the first day of the summit, there were some connection problems and it was decided to shut down all Cisco APs and leave only the LigoWave devices to operate.


I location. Presidential Meeting Room.  4 x NFT-2N devices were used to cover the area for the presidential meetings.

II location. The presidential meetings were broadcasted live on the big screens directly to the Spectator Conference Room. The facility was designed to fit 300 people. During the event the maximum user load was 150+ concurrent connections per access point.

Average throughput per access point in the conference room was 450 Mbps and peaking at 600 Mbps.

A screenshot from one of NFT 2N GUI (Spectators Conference Room)
Installing the NFT 2N at Spectator’s Conference Room
Before the event.
Simplex throughput AP (NFT 2N) (PC; mobile phones)
Peak throughput 600 Mbps. Downlink + Uplink (NFT 2N)
Total throughput through all APs (1 Gbps; NFT 2N)