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  • Alta capacidad.
  • Reliability transmitting mission critical data
  • Difficult outdoor environment

Professional software functionality

W-Jet and iPoll allow maximizing performance of LigoWave’s PTP and PTMP devices even in RF intense environment ensuring higher bandwidth, higher packet per second rate, low and stable latency with no distance limitation. Automatic channel selection and automatic transmit power control mechanisms allow avoiding noisy channels and optimize the RF output power to maximize performance and minimize undesirable noise coming from the radios.

Quality of service (QoS)

QoS prioritizes mission critical data  Operators can set the highest priority to video data over other types of traffic to ensure lowest possible latency and even display of video signals.

Professional hardware design

IP-6x standard rated enclosures and professional mounting brackets allow LigoWave devices to be installed wherever security devices need wireless connectivity.  The carrier grade surge protection systems are designed to be two times higher than the top class IEC standard requirements in order to survive extreme voltage surges and lightning.

Main applications

  • Video surveillance
  • Traffic light monitoring
  • Highway safety
  • Traffic management

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